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Hi! My name is Laura, thank you for visiting. I am confident that whether you are here to buy Scentsy or learn more about joining my team that you won’t be disappointed!  So that you can get to know me, I would love to share my personal Scentsy Story with you which I hope will warm, enliven and inspire you!


I have always loved candles and home fragrances (anything homely) but when my children came along I could rarely enjoy them. I also hated how sooty and dirty candles would become after using even once. I’ve ruined a fair amount of decor with candles and candle wax burners so I knew this wasn’t a safe option.


By the time I got pets I wanted/needed something ultimately safe but also long lasting and quality. This is what led me to Scentsy and I totally fell in love. Being a busy mum of 4 children and 2 furbabies I didn’t expect much from joining I just thought I could fund my new found addiction! It’s ended up being a life changer. My youngest has special needs which restricted me being able to do a lot work wise but this just came along and was just perfectly fitting for our mad family and I enjoy it so much too!


Since then I’ve shared my passion for Scentsy and built a lovely little team. It’s so rewarding when I see what a difference these fab products make to people and their homes and to my teamies and their families. I genuinely love sharing it’s not a job it’s my passion.


There’s so much to offer more than just stunning home fragrance there’s something for everywhere and everyone. What new things will you discover?


Thank You so much for taking the time to read my story. Please contact me anytime with any questions or if you would like some help choosing your perfect fragrances or gifts.


Warm wishes


Laura Abram xXx

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