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Around 4000 locals visited the first Christmas Market of the year.

Around 4000 locals visited the first Christmas Market of the year and there are even more to come.

Held over the Weekend at Fareham Leisure Centre, the free entry market boasted a wide array of items from more or less 90 sellers per day, each offering unique gifts, seasonal products and handmade items that were perfect for Christmas gifts. Everyone was eager to find unique gifts and fully immerse themselves in the holiday cheer.

Overall, being part of our Christmas Market Road Trip, the event proved to be a delightful experience for the 4000+ local visitors who attended despite the yellow weather warning on the first day. It not only provided ample opportunities for shopping but also fostered a strong sense of community and brought everyone together whilst supporting small local businesses this Christmas season.

Don't miss out on even more exciting festive shopping opportunities at Mountbatten Centre and Havant Leisure Centre this upcoming weekend! On Saturday, 11 November, head over to Mountbatten Centre for Christmas shopping at Portsmouth Indoor Christmas Market (11AM-4PM). There will be approximately 100 stalls. Make sure to follow this event on Facebook for updates - here.

But the shopping extravaganza doesn't end there! On Sunday, make your way to Havant Leisure Centre (10AM-3PM) and indulge in even more Christmas shopping therapy. Follow this event on Facebook here.

More details and more Christmas events can be found here


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